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10 tips to get out of debt.

10 tips to get out of debt.

I believe that before anything, to get out of debt we can quickly begin to apply these brief tips.
It is time to get the maximum out of revenues and minimize unnecessary or avoidable expenses.
Rather than overwhelm you, family consumption experts recommend applying a series of basic ideas, to “stretch” revenues and to arrive at the end of the month without shortness of breath.

  1. How much desire and how much spending?
It is the key question that you have to do, because if you don’t face this crucial issue, all the measures that you take will be useless.
If your level of expenditure exceeds your income, you endeudar├ís to maintain your standard of living. “Give tastes no matter the expenses” is lawful whenever you can afford it.
“Whether we will go ahead” philosophy may be suicidal, and self-delusion. If not accompanied by an effective activity to expand revenues and get out of debt, your financial problems will not be solved alone by magic!
2 eat at home
According to the financial expert Mike Peru, during 2008, consumers will spend $558 billion eating out of the House. It is the largest expenditure after housing for many families. It is best to eat out only once a month and the rest of the time cooking at home.
Savings: Up to $3,600 or more a year.
  1. Credit cards: be careful!
The so-called “plastic money” is very comfortable, quick and tempting but also increases the risk of spending more, because the consumer does not take consciousness be spending money, and can also become a means of borrowing that goes almost unnoticed.
Notes, this is very important to get out of debt.
Before accepting or ask for a credit card, well study their conditions and do not use it to withdraw money from the ATM, because the interests are high.
4 cell, only for emergencies
Average monthly spending on mobile services is between $63 and $77. It is recommended to if you’re not bound by contract to keep your plan, change to a prepared minute’s phone and buy only $20 a month in minutes for emergencies. When they are gone, wait until the month that comes to buy more.
Very important to get out of debt.
Savings: Up to $516 or more a year.
  1. Invisible consumption: pay attention.
Electric spending not only occurs if remain fired appliances and electronic equipment. In ‘standby’ or stand-by position, if it continues on the Red led indicating that it becomes current, devices are still consuming electricity.
Connect some sporadic use (TV, radio, computer) to a switch takes help to turn them off and reduce spending. Leave the TV on without seeing it also is a waste of money that can be avoided.
6 discount stores
These stores are known in English as closeout stores or grocers outlet. They offer the same products as large chains, just changing them the packaging using generic names instead of the recognized brands. Mike Peru ensures that there you can buy the same but discounts of up to 90 percent.
Savings: Up to $1,440, or more a year.
Long eye here, that this product in special or cheaper does not mean that you need it, buy only what you need.
7 change of cable or satellite plan
A typical family spends nearly $60 a month on cable as a basic plan that even offers 30 or more channels starts at only $14. Eye, you don’t have to get rid of the television but simply to limit yourself to 30 channels.
Savings: Up to $550 or more a year.
  1. Loyalty programs


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