Friday, 15 April 2016

Some things you can rent instead of buying

Some things you can rent instead of buying

Buy and buy, often advertising leads us to the only option we have to be happy is to buy things, but the truth is that sometimes there is the alternative of renting.

Renting things avoid descapitalizar us and accumulate assets that morning are not going to use. Rent is thus more efficient and economically more profitable.

Some things that we can rent instead of buying are as follows:
. House I think we all have very involved the concept of buying a home by the security that we have a place to live now and in the future which may not be very productive. But, not always acquire a good own root is the best choice
For example, if I know that in the future I’m going to move from a city. Or maybe if I have children who are for independence, not should I buy a House with many rooms, we hope to better and buy a smaller House later.
There are also market situations in which is known that prices are inflated or knows that those prices go down.

Movies and video games. To buy movies that we’re just going to see once, than if we rent them better. Now there are several movie rental services like Netflix. The difference between renting and buying is significant and therefore we can save enough money in time.
Technology to display movies changes very fast addition so it of no use accumulating movies in a system (such as HSV) tomorrow are not going to see disappear from the market that format of movie playback system.

Exactly the same thing happening films with games.
Tools. A times want to repair something, or paint one way or similar things and perhaps need a compressor for painting or a good set of hammers or similar things. Emotion wins us and come and buy us all a set of tools that, after the initial enthusiasm, will end up forgotten in a corner of the House.

If you didn’t know, there are several sites where you can rent Tools at a very low price. We use them, return them, and ready, saves a lot of money.

Elements of sports. In this case do not speak of clothes of sport but of things more expensive such as a stationary bike or an expensive bicycle, maybe a kayak or even a surf board. Before you buy something like that perhaps if better than the rent.
Often sport bored us and change of sport and the best thing therefore is trying to rent the greater amount of time these things until you are convinced that this is the sport that we definitely like.
Thus much is money that can be saved since it is difficult to acquire an amount to live well, must keep in mind that money is always necessary for life

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